Ross Rinaldi

Rosaria RinaldiProf. Ross Rinaldi is Full professor of Condensed Matter Physics at the faculty of Sciences of the Universit√† del Salento. She is “Nanobiomolecular Electronics and Nanobiotechnology” Division Leader and Head of CNR Research Department “Nanotechnology for Lifesciences” at the Institute of Nanoscience of CNR. She completed her studies in Physics and the Universit√† di Bari where she also obtained her PhD with a project in quantum and plasma electronics in the Physics Department. She has been visiting scientist at The Clarendon Laboratory of Oxford, UK, in the Max Planck Institut of Stuttgart, Department of Physics in Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and she is in the board of the institute ISUFI. In 2015 she has been visiting professor at the Technical University of Dresden within the Eleonore Trefftz Professor Program.


  • Nanolithographies and soft lithographies
  • Scanning Probe Spectroscopy in UHV. Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy and Scanning Tunneling Luminescence
  • Advanced optical and electro-optical investigation of nanostructures and devices -Technology of semiconductor prototype devices
  • Quantum computation based on semiconductor quantum dots.
  • New prototype of molecular devices and biomolecular devices. Nanobiosensors, Lab-on-chip for analysis and biodiagnostics at the point of care
  • Surface functionalization with organic and biological molecules, nanostructured substrates and nanosensors with biorecognition capability
  • Fluorescence, phosphorescence and micro-fluorescence studies of biological species
  • Detection of electrical signals from neurons and neuronal networks
  • Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy of single molecules, cells, molecular layers and crystals, under different environment and at low temperature
  • Investigation of stem cells growth and differentiation mechanisms by means of doping with magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots, as a function of nanoscale environment
  • Intelligent drug delivery and targeted therapy
  • Design and bioengineering of polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine