The research group of the Translational Medicine Living Lab and some trainees from Activating RINOVATIS will discuss their results at the National Congress of the Italian Society of Biomaterials.


    Synthesis of an Innovative Paramagnetic Porous Collagen-Based ScaffoldV Bonfrate , S. Bettini, L. Salvatore, M. Madaghiele, L. Valli, G. Giancane, A. Sannino (Università del Salento, Lecce)

    Electrospun Scaffold from Poly-(3hydroxybutyrate) and Type I-Collagen Blend for Tissue Engineering VE Carofiglio , V Bonfrate, E Calò, P Stufano, S Scarlino, L Salvatore, M Madaghiele, A Sannino (DHITECH S.c.a.r.l., Lecce; Università del Salento, Lecce)

    Biomimetic Stimuli Responsive Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Characterization
    S Scialla , B Palazzo, P Pareo, A Barca, F Scalera, A Sannino, F Gervaso (Università del Salento, Lecce; Ospedale San Raffaele, Milano; Dhitech S.c.a.r.l., Lecce)


    Synthesis and Caracterization of chitosan-graphene composites for biomedical applications.C Demitri, A Moscatello , A Giuri, VM De Benedictis, C Corcione, MG Raucci, A Sannino (Università del Salento, Lecce; IPCB –CNR, Napoli)

    Microporous Collagen Scaffolds for Regeneration of Peripheral Nerve G Udayan , R Cholas, M Madaghiele, L Salvatore, A Sannino ( Università del Salento, Lecce)

    Chitosan scaffolds for cartilage regeneration: influence of ionic crosslinking on biomaterial properties D Izzo , B Palazzo, F Gullotta, V La Pesa, AN Cancelli, F Scalera2, A Romano, A Sannino, F Gervaso (Dhitech S.c.a.r.l, Lecce; Università del Salento, Lecce; Ghimas S.p.A., c/o Dhitech S.c.a.r.l., Lecce; INSPE,IRCCS San Raffaele Lecce)

    Magnesium doped Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications AN Cancelli, P Patera, B Palazzo, F Scalera, F Gullotta, A Sannino, F Gervaso ( Università del Salento, Lecce; Ghimas S.p.A., c/o Dhitech S.c.a.r.l., Lecce; Dhitech S.c.a.r.l, Lecce)

    Chitosan electrospun mats for soft tissue regeneration: effect of ionic crosslinking agentP Nitti , F Scalera, D Izzo, B Palazzo, A Sannino, F Gervaso (Universitò del Salento, Lecce; Dhitech S.c.a.r.l., Lecce)