Teaming up for Innovation

The partnerships within the Translational Medicine Living Lab have their roots in years of productive collaboration that produced high value intellectual properties and a sparkling energy to the Apulia territory that had the chance to challenge itself against the highest standard science and technolog. Thanks to the Innovation Engineering Department of Università del Salento, several collaborations with the opinion leaders of the Tissue Engineering field have been estaablished and back in 2004 one of the excellence in Translational Medicine, such as Ospedale San Raffaele, has been brought by the Biomaterials Laboratory of Innovation Engineering Department  for the very first time to work with the Apulian talents. For the RINOVATIS project this network has been extended. Partecipation to the Living Lab is open to all those public and private subjects interested and motivated in supporting Translational Medicine and the development through such sector of the Apulia region.

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