RINOVATIS, the research project

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering aim at repairing damaged adult human organs, with the intent to restore the structural integrity and functionality of the healthy organ, through the identification of the cellular source able to regenerate the damaged tissue and the reconstruction of the most suitable microenvironment to host and instruct the regenerating cells.

The objective of the Project is to develop and test, in vitro and in vivo, innovative approaches of Tissue engineering, aimed at:

    Regeneration of osteochondral (OC) tissues: Optimization of low risk cellular and/or acellular therapy protocols, combining the controlled release of bioactive molecules in order to promote the rigeneration of permanently damaged.

    Regeneration of the peripheral nervous system (PNS): Optimization of the fabrication and functionalization of devices for the axonal regeneration and study of the genic expression related to neural cell proliferation.

    Regeneration of the central nervous system (CNS): Preparation of appropriate system for the controlled release or molecular regulator to be coupled with a suitable cellular therapy for severe traumatic and degenerative lesions.

The development of different acellular and/or cellular therapies for the rigeneration of nervous and osteochondral tissues has been supported also by the young talents recruited for Activating RINOVATIS, the technological and entrepreneurial executive programme provided by Dhitech.


Progetto RINOVATIS (cod. PON02_00563_3448479) – “Rigenerazione di tessuti nervosi ed osteocartilaginei mediante innovativi approcci di Tissue Engineering”

Activating RINOVATIS

The RINOVATIS project has been developed in conjunction with an executive training programme, aiming at molding the figure of a young engineer innovator/entrepeneur, specialized in techniques and methodologies in the field of Tissue Engineering.
The action learning methods and the technological study of specific cases is coupled with economic and managerial analysis for the design of entrepreneurial ideas sproting from specific innovations. Expert research tutor have opened their labs and shared their competencies with the trainees, who were also provided with lessons with opinion leader in the Tissue Engineering and Translaational Medicine fields. Topics of the scientific sessions were:

  • Clinical application of the Tissue Engineering
  • Cellular and molecular biology related to the tissue degeneration and regeneration
  • Design and realization of of controlled release and genic transfection devices
  • In vivo sperimentation on animal models
  • Clinical sperimentation and ethical protocols

To complete the training, sessions focused on strategies for the exploitation of the research outputs have also been provided on these specific topics:

  • development and protection of the intellettual property
  • Innovation management
  • Strategies Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial finance for technological start-ups
    Vito Emanuele Carofiglio Francesca Gatto Laura Gioia Passione
    Fabiana Gullotta Daniela Izzo Graziana Monaco
    Angelica Panico Deborah Pedone
    Stefania Scarlino Stefania Scialla Elisabetta Tarentini