Innovation tools: state-of-the-art instruments

The infrastructural empowerment PON project CE² (Center of Entrepreneurial Engineering) aimed at boosting the infratechnologies of Università del Salento in order to ease and plan the development of High Tech Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem underpinned on three social-technical system, namely:Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine; Molecular Nanotechnology for Environmental and Healthcare applications; ICT for the innovation of knowledge intensive and sustanable product and service design.

The exploitment of research in these fields is conducted by Università del Salento through the Dhitech. This measure enabled the completment of technological structure in the building where Dhitech is hosted by Università del Salento. Specifically 4 laboratories, covering the different realization and testing phases of medical devices for the tissue engineering, have been buit.

  • 4 lab for the material characterization of mechanical, thermic, reologic and morphologic properties  (Unisalento)
  • Class 100.000 clean room with class 10.000 modules (Unisalento)
  • Lab for chemical syntheses (Unisalento)
  • SEM and eSEM microscopy (Unisalento)
  • Atomic force and confocal microscopy (Unisalento)
  • X ray diffractometry (Unisalento)
  • Solid state NMR, FTIR, Visible UV spectroscopy (Unisalento)
  • laser light scattering (Unisalento)
  • Porosimetry (Unisalento)
  • Biology and chemistry lab (CNR)
  • Scanning Probe lab (CNR)
  • Magnetism, low temperature and transport lab (CNR)
  • Nanofabrication and electronic litography (CNR)
  • Nanospotter for microarray fabrication (CNR)
  • Electrochemical workstation (CNR)
  • TEM (CNR)
  • Spectrofluorimeter equipped with sample cooling, TIRF and time resolved spectroscopy (CNR)
  • Confocal 2-photons microscope (CNR)
  • Cell and tissue culture area and criomagnetic lab (CNR)