Michele Maffia

Michele MaffiaAssociate Professor of Physiology in University of Salento in the Department of Biological and Enviromental Science and Technology (DiSTeBA). He has been responsible of several training courses within the BSc in Biology, MSc in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences as well as in executive training courses in the field of biotechnology and biomedical sciences. He also teaches Physiology in the BSc of Nursing Sciences in University of Bari. He is member of the Professors’ Board for the Doctoral course in Engineering of Materials and Structures and Nanotechnology at Universit√† del Salento. He graduated in Biology at University of Salento and was visiting scientist at ETH Zurich, holding at present various international collaborations and being actively involved in the translational medicine.


  • Proteomics applied to pathologies of oncologycal, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune nature with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • Structural and functional analysis of carrier proteins in cell membranes and epithelial tissue
  • Study of micro-nutrient and metal dysmethabolism in relationship to neurodegenrative and oncological pathologies
  • Functional immobilizzation of proteins and enzymes for nanotechnology applications