Luca Salvatore

Luca SalvatoreLuca Salvatore is researcher at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento. He received his master degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Lecce (2006). Over the past ten years he has focused his research in the engineering of new products for Advanced Therapies application, with particular focus on the development of innovative biomaterials/scaffold for Nerve Tissue Engineering. He has authored more than 10 publications in several scientific journal. He is co-founder of TypeOne Srl, a spin off company of the University of Salento working in the field of Medical Device and Health Care.


  • Synthesis and characterization of collagen-based materials for biomedical applications
  • Development of bioactive, micropatterned scaffold for nervous tissue regeneration
  • Development of bio-hybrid materials for regenerating bone and cartilage tissues
  • Biomaterials-based drug delivery system
  • Matrices and smart materials for tissue culture and wound dressing