Debora Desideri

Debora Desideri received his degree in Computer Science at University of Rome “La Sapienza” magna cum laude in 2001, she joined Engineering Ingegneria Informatica R&D laboratory the same year. She has started as technical consultant to the “E-Government for the development” Task Force organized by the Italian IT-Ministry in order to elaborate a new business model for the normalization and digitalization of developing countries. Since 2002 she has been directly involved in conceiving and developing several research projects: both IST European projects as CLARIFI, INFOCITIZEN, SeCSE, NEXOF-RA and Italian project as CCUBO, COSA. Currently she is Technical Leader for the Engineering unit of two projects concerning the health care domain: Hippocrates and Rinovatis, where she is responsible for the design and for the prototype of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and of tool to support the doctor in the early diagnosis of neuro-degenerative diseases.