Christian Demitri

DemitriChristian Demitri is researcher in bioengineering at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento. He received the M.S. degree in materials engineering, and for his thesis, as part of a research project about techniques and advanced methodologies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of ultrasound contrast agents, Dr. Demitri realized a cellulose-based phantom for the in-vitro characterization of intravenous ultrasound contrast agent. During his PhD, Dr. Demitri carried out his research activity at the ISBEM institute (Euro Mediterranean Scientific and Biomedical Institute) of Brindisi and at the Clinical Physiology Institute of National Council of Research (IFC-CNR) of Lecce. In 2007, he joined the Biomaterials Laboratory at the Department of Engineering for Innovation. In 2008, he was visiting researcher at School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton (UK).


  • Analysis of relationships between properties and structure of materials
  • Functional modification of materials via bioactive molecules
  • Development of sustainable production techniques and related process analysis
  • Graphene and graphene-oxyde production via sustainable techniques for biomedical applications
  • Hydrogel based phantom manufacturing by rapid prototyping (stereolithography)
  • Realization of complex scaffold for tissue engineering (i.e. Meniscus, Bone substitutes)
  • Kinetical and mechanical characterization of superabsorbent natural and syntetic polymer-based macromolecular hydrogel for medical applications
  • Preparation and characterization of chitosan nanopheres for DNA isolation