Alessandra Aloisi

aloisiAlessandra Aloisi is currently Researcher at the Institute of Nanoscience (CNR NANO-ECMT), located at the Scientific Campus of University of Salento (Lecce-IT). She graduated in Biological Sciences, University of Lecce (2003). During her Ph.D. in Morphological and Molecular Science at Catholic University (Rome-IT), she focused on a project concerning the possible role of the oxidative stress-regulated protein p66Shc, in Central Nervous System. In 2007, AA joined the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (NNL) (Lecce-IT). She performed a part of her post-doctoral research activity (2008-2009) at the Protein Chemistry Unit of Biomedicum (Helsinki-FI). Her interests spans from molecule/molecule interaction analysis and structural characterization, micro- and nano-structuration of bio- and synthetic polymers, to the design and development of miniaturized devices for nano-medicine application.




  • Molecule-molecule/cell-molecule interactions
  • Bio-polymeric vesicles for metallic nanoparticle- and drug- delivery
  • Design and bioengineering of micro-patterned polymeric scaffolds for regenerative medicine
  • Surface functionalization of nanostructured substrates for sensing application
  • Micro reactor device and Lab on Chip